Critical Features Of A Member Management System


Member management system has a great impact on the functioning of a membership-based organization including associations, educational organizations, etc. However, it is highly important to choose a member management system that offers all the necessary features required for the seamless functioning of the organization. Also, it should integrate with the rest of the tools available on the organization’s website.

Here is a list of critical features organizations should look for, when choosing an efficient member management system:

  • Customizable Site Templates: A member management system should offer numerous customization options for ensuring a user-friendly environment that matches the organization’s requirements. Make it a point to choose a member management system that offers one click template selection and other customization features including the option to select a different layout for each theme.
  • Users & Groups: Users are an integral part of a member management system. An efficient member management system should offer features such as uploading users from active directories, creating user groups, granting different access levels to different user groups, managing role permissions, managing user modules, etc.
  • Import User Listing: Manually updating the details of an individual user requires a lot of time and is prone to errors. Thus, the capability to import user details from an existing list is a critical feature of an efficient member management system. It should allow uploading and publishing of user details on the app and site.
  • Apps As Building Blocks: It is common to use different apps for creating different forms of content such as videos, images, documents, etc. This creates a need for the member management system to allow easy upload of the content generated by different apps. The system should allow integration of apps as building blocks for seamless creation and publishing of videos, photo gallery, news, calendar & events, announcements, etc.
  • Content Sharing: In order to serve the rightful purpose, a member management system should allow users to share content with each other. The content generators should be offered the facility to share different content with selective user groups.
  • Administer Surveys: User surveys are an important tool for promoting business growth. A member management system should offer a platform for survey administration by providing necessary forms for gathering required information and feedback from the members. This helps in cost management by ruling out the need for a separate software.
  • Hosting & Security: A member management system has a lot of data including personal details of users and content shared across the platform. Thus, choose a system that offers extensive hosting & security features to ensure data protection.

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